Not looking to bore you but to encourage you in your walks, decisions, and thoughts. I recently found out that my barely 16 year old daughter is pregnant. She is 29wks along due on Feb. 25th... I won't lie, I couldn't say much when she told me 4 wks ago, but never the less I share with an open heart that I am so THANKFUL that she came forth, we will be delivering a baby boy!!! Never did I think God would have taken me so literally at my word when at 16 I had an abortion 'cause the "boy really loved me and I had to choose between the baby and him. I was a runaway at the time and chose him, but I know I have received forgiveness from myself and from God. When I turned 25 I met a young teen who was pregnant and her parents kicked her out, we took her in for a time, she was able to move in with her grandmother , I remember telling God I wanted nothing more than to help young pregnant teens not have to go through my experience and provide a safe haven and environment where they could rest and be loved. Now I face that here within the walls of my family... My daughter expecting, I Celebrate more than focusing on the error, she has chosen Life...Yes, it will be a challenge I know but nothing ever happens without a reason and purpose... I am also very thankful for this site. I hope that many will find support and love through this site....You are Precious and Special.

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