It is true what they say the best things in life are free. Sometimes we get so caught up in the monetary rewards and stresses of this world that we forget things that re most important. When discovering your about to have a baby the first (or second) thing that springs to mind as a young woman or teen is 'How am I gonna afford this'. We can often disregard the value of having a committed baby-father and loving family in favor of worrying about getting the latest celeb-favourite pram or cute baby Nike's . But I warn everyone to look at the importance of love and realise how lucky you are if you do have someone to love you because those without it would surely pass on the ability to buy high tech trendy baby items for an embrace or kiss from someone who truely loves them. Everybody out there don't ever take anyone for granted cherish the love you share, strengthen your relationships. Because once you lose them this world is a fickle and meaningless place. Those who have absent father's or unsupportive families, cherish and strengthen the bond between you and your child, if anyone wants to be there for you let them. Believe me because nothing hurts the soul more than a life without love. And some things are just priceless...

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