ive had terrible headaches all weekend. so bad that i woke up on sunday morning with a migraine & couldnt fall back asleep. i had it for hours even after i got out of bed. ive felt very achy and exausted. my breasts hurt soo bad today that they even ache when i walk. which is really rare for me. ive been sick to my stomach but, that could always just be my chrons. my nipples are very tingly which is also rare for me. and i keep having these twings and pulling feeling but not really cramps at all. i am very bloated though. and lightheaded. the only other sign i have to add is, on friday i measured my bust & it was 35 inches. this morning i measured my bust again and it was 36.5. my breasts also feel very full and heavy. hmm...

all i know is that i have still not gotten a period so, there still is a chance. today i feel very happy about this. i started thinking about a neat way to tell the family & a different special way to tell mark.

so right now, im just trying to be patient and wait out the week. i promised myself i wouldnt test until. i was at least a week late. even though- going my a month in which i ovulated, i am already 4 days late (cycle day 35) but i am waiting until saturday (cycle day 40)... fingers crossed.

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