So i'm Pregnant and my babys daddy has cheated on me twice. At first he denied it and denied and then only said he kissed the girl. Then i found out by 1 of my good friends that he slept wit the girl because he thought i was lying about be pregnant. See were in the navy and he's still in his "A" school and i left about a month ago. But he cheated on me 3 WKS after i left. I love him so so much and i took him back but i dunno. Im so afraid he's only with me because i'm having his baby & not becuase he truely loves me. Also he's been giving me so much stress with him doing this and lying so so much im  afraid im gonna loose the baby. I just wish he really did love me because i think he just uses the words to his advantage & that he'll do it again. I dunno i love him so so so much but its killing me that he cheated on me i cry to sleep every nite.

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