I'm twenty years old. I've been dating my boyfriend for almost two years. I was on the pill, we started out using condoms then decided to stop using them. Because I was on the pill.
Well, I had ran out and hadn't made my appointment yet for a pap and get a new persciption. We stopped having sex until I was back on the pill. Smart right? No.

I was back on the pill and heading out of town to go out to see him in Arizona and for our mutal best friends birthdays. I was in such a hurry to the airport I had forgotten to pack my pills in my makeup bag.

We thought it would be fine, so we had sex and used a condom. We only had one and had had sex more than once. He thought that pulling out would be fine and so did I. But a month later I began to tired and just thought it was pms. Well I had skipped a period. I took two pregnancy tests. Both were positive.

I'm twenty. I'm not ready for a baby. Neither is my boyfriend. He's not pressuring me to get an abortion.. he said if I wanted to keep it, he'd help me. Good right?

I'm not ready... I'm going to the doctor tomorrow. But I don't know what to do. Every story I've read about abortion is just horrible. I'm afraid.

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