well she been here for 3 weeks now an its not that easy getting up an the middle of the nite an stuff but i like it…she was worth it like i said all 22hrs worth..i dnt want to put pics up of her becuz ppl were saying that they were getting there babys pixs stolen soo i just want to avoid that all togather..i did not do natural i tried but if your in labor for 22 hrs i dnt think you would too…but   i tried my haredst i was a lil scared about the back needle hahah but i got throw it after i got it..i was in heaven… but everything went well i went in the hosp on tuesday at 7 in the morning an had her on wends morning at 632 in i loved it…she is a good baby her name is Aliyah Rai my mom picked the name an her daddy spelled it..so to any one reading thos good luck to you an congrats…youll LOVE being a mom becuz i do..who wouldent