teen looking at testHi ya — I’m Lucy. Now 19 year old I have a daughter who would be 7 months old. Abigail died on May 24th 2007 — she was only 5 months. S wasn’t planned but god she was wanted. Born 3.2 weeks early she weighed only 4lb 14oz, a gorgeous little girl — when she went pink she came out blue you see. Abigail had a heart defect called turncus and was born without an immune system.

So right form the word go my little princess was fighting for her life! She was a happy little girl with the biggest gorgeous eyes I’ve ever seen. Abigail got around a bit even though she never made it home. God bless her and by god I miss her so much.

She was born in north tees and went to the Freeman, RVI and the general in newcastle but couldn’t fight no more and fell asleep in my arms after her heart stopped 3 times.

My little princess is out of pain now and I go and see her every day. She only lives down the road!! her garden is beautiful and her daddy and I do all we can to make t look geogeous.

Thank you for reading. Ask any questions you want xx