Waiting behind the veil is my beautiful son
He died when i killed him.
Abortion is a pain, cant even have a funeral.
I always heard his little cry calling me to save him
I feel so sad for what i did
I was too scared
I didnt believe i was ready to hold him in my arms.
Just thinking about looking at that little boys smile breaks my heart.
I shouldn’t have done what i did.
But what was a 15 year old to do?
I didn’t have a job and was way too young
my mom was too strict, my dad was all strung out.
Out in the harsh world lost for things to do.
Didnt have a full highschool education yet so there wasnt very many jobs to choose.
I shouldn’t have done it baby, Im sorry.
I’ve cried for what seems like forever.
I shall never forget you.
And soon we’ll be together again, im sure of it.