StandUpGirl - Girl Looking Down with Guy

I want you to know

you got me trapped in a cage,
a cage full of regret and sorrow,
you wont accept me and let me live my life,
so all i got left to do is worry in strife.
how do i know whats gonna happen next,
all you do is read in between the lines,
you never open your eyes and read whats right there in the context,
i shouldnt be the one to tell you jesus died for all of us,
you go to church and read the bible, so why all the fuss?
i aint telling you its right,
trust me, i know it aint right,
i aint tryin to put up a fight
why you think i cry myself to sleep at night?
it aint because of school and lies and drama and shit,
its about me wanting to know why i dont fit,
into your lifestyle, the one your trying to fulfill,
the battle im fighting is an uphill,
it aint easy being me,
its like the leaves not growing on a tree,
its ironic huh?
the way god made us people
i know it aint the way of life,
but i know its the way of my life,
im sorry you dont wanna believe the way i live,
your supposed to be the mother everyone wants to have,
the one who listens and tries to be supportive,
i aint asking you to sacrifice your life for me,
but im asking for you to give me a chance to be free,
and to live my life, so i aint the one holding a knife,
to my throat because i cant deal anymore,
because i cant live up to your standards,
im just trying to be me, its so confusing
its like reading a crossword, backwards,
without the words, but the words coming from prior knowledge,
wow, my mind is blank, ive reached the verdict
i want you to know, i aint perfect