baby bump aboveI know what you’re going through. I had an abortion this summer on July 7 and I still remember everything I went through. I was 10 weeks and was ecstatic when I saw my baby on the ultrasound monitor. But i still went through with it.

I do regret this decision and I would give anything to have my baby still. I went through all sorts of stuff — depression the most, and i still suffer from it today. It breaks my heart to know what I did but I can’t change what happened already. All we can do is move on and hope to become stronger and wise.

My experience of being pregnant at 15 and by yourself changed my life forever and it will always be there. And my baby will always be in my heart forever till the day I get to be with him.

So keep ur head up and be strong. I believe everything happens for a reason so I think this happened for a reason but I won’t know why it did till I’m older and I’m pretty sure you will to. Just know that your baby is watching over you. And you’ll pull through with the help of your friends, family, and this website.

So keep on keeping your head up and just be there for yourself too.

Love cari