curled up on benchSo two days go i have found out that im pregnant, im 18 years old and finished with school, currently working with web design. My boyfriend always told me that if i get pregnant that we will keep it. now it seems as though he has changed his mind . i have booked to have an abortion on saturday. i really dont wanna do this but when im alone at night i feel i cant go through with this. my parents dont know, i guess guys just dont know what it is like to carry a child and have to kill it, i wish there was some way to show them the pain and guilt we have to go through.

Should i go through with this abortion? i really dont want to but it feels that i really dont have a choice in the matter Cherie Hi meg its cherie here, thank you so much for your reply yesterday. Last night I went to my boyfriends house and he said to me he thinks we should keep it, he even gave me a great dinner he said the baby needs it and I must stop stressing as I will miscarriage, he did not even let me go to gym to swim a bit he was to scared something would happen, I got all happy and I was overjoyed I felt a love I had never felt before, because I know deep down like you said it is my child. I keep reading your email over and over, and believe it makes me feel happy and excited. Although last night I got home he called me and told me his mom and him had a huge fight and she said i am not welcome in their house. She does not know im pregnant and I really don’t know what I have done wrong I treat her with respect, and behind my back she says all these horrible things. My mom fell pregnant with my brother when she was 17 and then got married to my dad, but they are now divorced. My dads dad did not allow an abortion, I remember a while back my boyfriends mom saying she got three kids and no father what kind of mother is she, but it was not to my face directly I overheard it being said. Now this morning he said I must go on with the abortion because I am not far along he said I must get the medical one. He said it would be best for everyone as it would just cause fights with his family, he said that it is not a baby yet and I will forget about it in time to come, the thing I don’t understand with him is that before I fell pregnant he kept saying that if I get pregnant we will not abort it and we will work it out, and then last night he treated me so nicely. Maybe he is just scared and he looking for the fast way out. But he has already planned for one of his friends to take us to the clinic. So in other words it feels as though he has made his mind up and he does not want this. I have so many things running through my mind, i have two days before I go to the clinic, and I got no clue what to do or how I am going to handle this Cherie Hey there, this is Meg from SUG, I have been thinking about you all weekend and I just want you to know that no matter what happened on Saturday, whether you went to the appointment or not I am here for you… Love Meg Hi meg Sorry I have not been on my pc, but I have good news The good news I am not aborting aborting my baby