Ok, we met the birth mother, and things did NOT go as well the second time around. While she denied it, I truly think she was under the influence. We got in touch with a local crisis intervention for her, and she said she would go, but she wouldn't let us take her. I have tried to contact her, but have no idea where she is. We did take her out to eat, bought otc prenatal vitamins for her and also bought her some matrnity clothing. I begged her to go to see a doc, and she did let me make her an appointment for Monday, but I don't think she will show up. I tried to be as helpful as I could, as this child is innocent and deserves so much more! I did smell alcohol on her, but she said it wasn't. I didn't want to scare her away, so I tried to be a calm as humanly possible. I am praying for her, and hope that she will atleast contact the crisis number that we gave her. Right now I am in total shock! I can't help that I am mad at her when she is pregnant, and has no idea what a blessing this is! If she only knew how it felt to know that you have no chance of having children, maybe she would understand. Of course, I would never wish that on anyone, but I can hardly look at a pregnant woman or a baby without breaking down! Her name is Misty, please pray for her. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.