it was a feeling of being taken for granted…..ouuuch!!!!!!!!!it hurts,it sucks my whole entire being!!!!!!!!!!!!i was left behind by the guy i thought wil olwes b ther 4 me…that wil stay close to me through thick and thin.,.4 bettr and 4 worst….and even if the world go against the 2 of us…its so,so,so, disappointing that he did this to me….huhuhuhuhu…… i know its reli hard wen u expect a lot from a person that means a lot to ourselves…….i was fooled by my emotion….i dnt know wer to put myself now after all these stressful moments…..its reli hard to cope up a set up like this….only my eyes can speaks much of what im going through now…..a totally different heart-rending scenario,an episode of  melodramatic plots and a chapter wherein i was caught in the middle of somewhere…..but even if  this is happening 2 me right now,i believe there is olwes a rainbow after  the rain…,god bless me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!