hand over sleeping babyYou are mistaken if you think that God looked down from heaven at a little girl and said “Oh, isn’t that cute — an unmarried barely teenage girl wants a baby. I think I will bless her with a baby”. I know and believe with my whole heart that God allows us to have a free will and He will also let us bear the hard repercussions from making poor decisions but He does not take pleasure in sin nor does He just casually run the universe with an anything-goes frame of mind.

You say “God didn’t plan it that way” about being induced. Cant you see that God didn’t plan it that way for unmarried people to have sex and have babies? I have had two kids out of wedlock and it has only brought hurt and rejection for my kids. God didn’t plan it that way and I have many repercussions in my life because of it. Maybe I didn’t see it at the time and I didn’t want anything to do with GOD when I got pregnant with my first but I also didn’t throw His name around and tell people that God was into blessing those things that are not good for us. That He calls sin.

I am sorry to be so blunt, but God’s name is not to be tagged on things that are not of Him. Imagine someone saying, I prayed that I wouldn’t get caught robbing a bank and God blessed me because I didn’t get caught. No way! It’s not like that.

You have a baby in your tummy because you had sex not because it was God’s will for you to be an unwed teen mother. He honors your choice to conceive. He does bless us in spite of who we are because He loves us and He will not deny Himself. And you can bet that He can and will work this out for good. But please — do not be deceived and think that God is for premarital sex and making babies out of wedlock.

How old is your boyfriend? He is telling you “not to worry but to have faith in God”!!!!!! If your boyfriend had faith in God then he would have believed that if he waited until you were old enough that you would marry him and do things the right way, a commitment for life.

I agree that you should thank God for giving you the chance to be a mommy, I thank Him everyday for giving me kids instead of what I deserved for the life of sin I was living — AIDS. I hope that you will take my words to heart and that you would see God for who He is — He is Love but He is also Righteous and Pure. Continuing in a way that is not His will for you, the best for you, can only lead to destruction in the end.

I hope and pray that this baby will open your eyes and I hope that this boyfriend of yours is not some sick older man filling your head full of lies. I pray that the Lord would keep you safe during birth and that you would have people to step into your life and come along side of you to help you raise this baby, and I hope that you would make the same choice of purity that I did.

When I was pregnant with my son I made the choice to not have sex again until I was married. I spent enough of my life not honoring God and I wanted to give Him the only thing I could — obedience to His Word. Like I said, I hope you don’t feel like I’m being too rough on you but it seems like you are in a make believe world and as soon as you have that baby its time to wake up and be responsible for not only your life but your son’s as well.

Love and Prayers,



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