measuring bellyHi Everyone, I’m Kat and I’m 10 weeks pregnant and I still haven’t made my decision whether to keep my child or not!! I know God put this lil creation inside of me for a purpose but my boyfriend keeps insisting I abort it.I’m 19yrs and Peruvian and it’s my 2nd year as a full time college student. I have a very strong Christian upbringing but I also have a very open mind about everything. My boyfriend is white 21yrs old police officer. Thing is I know right now it may not be the right time for both of us to have children because i still want to travel and finish a college degree first but I feel in my heart God chose me to be mother at this time for a reason.


The thing is my boyfriend’s family are very disrespectful and racist towards blacks and illegal immigrants. ( i know, i should have never been involved with a family like this). They want me to abort and are treating me like crap right now. But they warned me if I keep it they are going to court to get 50% custody and they will try to see it as much as possible. I really want to keep my child but I don’t want my child to be influenced by such negative people!!! It makes it worst that they want to be in the child’s life if I keep it cuz then I can’t raise her/him fully with my beliefs and Peruvian culture.

I’m so frustrated because I don’t want these people in my life anymore but If I keep the child they will have to be for the rest of my life!!! My bf called for an abortion appointment this Wednesday and I don’t know what to do!!!!!

Please help. I’m going crazy.


love Kat


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