pondering white hatI can not thank you all enough for responding! This web-site is the one thing that keeps me from going crazy. I want to have this baby! I am really scared though, I have people in my life telling that I would not be able too. I am 21 years old and trying to become a teacher, I have 2 semesters of school left and then student teaching. I have a part time job, and some money saved up, but how do I do this? How did others do school and a baby?



Any hints on where to even start would be great! But this is my baby, and I cant have an abortion, and after reading some of the stories on here it makes me see how very possible all this is!

I am still scared out of my mind, but I have hope, and love! and thanks to everyone out there more support then I could imagine. I did tell my parents, and they were great, they said they would support me, no matter what a choose to do. But before I go to them again, I want to have my plan of action, thus, I need some help!

Are there scholarships? or how do people pay for rent? How much time will I need to plan to take off of school? How much time will I have to take off of work?

Thank you all again, and the life inside me thanks you too!!