I delayed taking a test until I was about 3 months and by then, of course, I knew it would read positive. Still, I never wanted to admit it to myself. I was living in a surreal world.

My friend, Ricky, told me it would be best if I got an abortion because he knew a lot of girls with babies and it wasn’t a good life. So — I listened, and went to the clinic. There I waited a long time. It was packed.

Sitting there just thinking to myself, alright I’m really going to do this. I walked into the room when I was called and the lady did an ultrasound and told me that I was 18 weeks pregnant. And… it was too late to have an abortion there. She then told me to sit with a counselor and the counselor encouraged me to go to another clinic that preformed abortions after 18 weeks because being 16 and pregnant would be hard.

They also told me that I should tell an adult like my mother but only tell her after I have the procedure done. I remember just sitting there like woah… this lady can’t be serious? Right then and there I knew it was time to tell my mom.

I went home and told her. She then told me that she already knew I was pregnant and was waiting for me to tell her. I was  so surprised and we both started crying. She told me it would be alright. She then told my dad because I couldn’t face him alone. He was so upset and told me how could I be so stupid.

My whole family was depressed for some time but as my belly started getting bigger everyone was anxious to see the baby.

The baby’s father hasn’t been here at all. At first it made me sad that the baby wouldn’t have a father and more at the fact that — how could somebody not love something so beautiful as this little boy?

I’m still going to school and will be graduating this June as an honor student and class president. It’s hard and sometimes I just wanna give up but looking at my baby’s face every day brings so much happiness to me and just feels so incredible that  it is him, who gives me the drive to wake up every morning….