pregnant 9 Hello everyone. My name is Ashely and I am 19 years of age.

I in my freshman year of college and I live with my grandmother. I just found out recently that I am pregnant and I’m in total shock. I am so scared. I don’t know how I’m going to tell my parents, grandmother or aunt and uncle, not to mention my boyfriend’s parents. We’re both are scared and worried. This will be our first baby together.

I’m afraid my grandmother will kick me out and then I’ll have nowhere else to go but back home to Atlanta, Georgia where I am originally from and where my mom and dad live. I really don’t want to do that because I want to stay with my boyfriend. We plan to get a place together later on this year around the time the baby is born/due.

Anyway, my whole point is that basically — I don’t know what to do? I mean, of course I’m keeping my baby. I can’t even imagine going through with an abortion. That’s out of the question. I have not my own place (yet) and I don’t even have my own car, but my boyfriend does. So it’s like I know EXACTLY how my grandmother and parents are going to react when they find out. I’m just SO SCARED!!!

I don’t know when I’m going to tell them or even HOW I’m going to tell them. I was thinking that since my mother lives so far away (I’m in Michigan) I could just send her and my dad a letter telling them the news, because of how scared I am. And then I just don’t know how I’ll tell my granny because she’s very mean. I’m so scared of what she’ll say and do.

But the thing is, my aunt had her baby when she was 18 and my granny got pregnant at 16 and had my uncle at 17. So why would they be so angry when they did it them selves?

Does anyone understand me?