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    hi my name is Mikki..well im 14 (will be 15 in december) and my boyfriend and i broke up but we got together at his house and we had unprotected sex. i have been on b/c since january (for medical reasons) but i wasnt wearin my b/c patch that night. its been about 4-6 days since we had sex. i just want to make sure im not pregnant just for the peace at mind. i think it is to early to take a hpt. i dont want my parents to know. they dont know that im sexually active. im just kind of scared cuz i dont know when my period is cuz they are so irregular. and i have been cramping for a couple days and i have been a little sick to my stomach. is that just from being worried? i need some advice please!!! Thanks. Sorry its so long…


    kate Sydik


    I had really irregular periods too when I was a teenager. I started taking birth control to help make my cycle more regular. It would probably be too early to be having any symptoms yet (because it could still be before implantation even). The symptoms are probably from stress. If it has only been about 4-6 days since you had sex it would be too early to take a test and be able to detect a pregnancy. Normally I would tell you to wait to take a test until you miss your period, but if your cycles are very irregular this might not be the best advice. I know waiting without knowing is stressful, but I would wait about two or three weeks and take a pregnancyh test. Good luck.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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