You can do it!

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    You can do it!There! I said it. I spent my entire pregnancy waiting for someone to say that to me.
    I think it’s something that all teenage mums need to hear.
    My own story is a bit of a strange one..
    Lets just say my childhood gave me a good grounding in facing adversity.. anyway my parents effectively didnt want anything to do with me after I was 15 so I was on my own since then. I became pregnant (unexpectedly) a few wekks after my 17th birthday after I had just graduated highschool.
    I rented my own little cockroach infested flat and worked 2 jobs to buy things for baby as well as attending university part time. I had an eventful pregnancy and at 36 weeks (just in time for exams) I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy – the scariest and most exciting day of my life.
    As it transpires my son – for whatever reason- has a variety of special needs. But this gave me more motivation to finish my studies so that I could provide adequately fo him in the future.
    I just want to say to all teen mums out there.. YOU CAN DO IT! No matter what happens. Even if you don’t have the support of the dad, your parents or the community. It sounds trite, but just believe in yourself. Everyone told me I couldn’t do it, but I’m 23, I have a degree, I work as a scientist AND I look after my beautiful boy with all his extra needs.
    I have never wished for a ‘normal’ child because without his ‘quirks’ he wouldn’t be him.
    And I have never wished my life (despite its challenges) was any different because without these experiences, I wouldn’t be me.
    Hugs and Kisses to all teen mums out there. Stand up girl! You can do it!


    Wow! I’m so glad that you made it. 🙂 Your little boy has an amazing mom and it must feel awesome to prove everybody wrong! You are a real inspiration, girl!

    By the way… how did the scientist job come along? Haha I would like to be in genetic research.


    im so happy for you your son has a great,.:) 🙂 strong-willed mother


    That’s a gReat story. The girls can look upon on you,you can and I’m sure for some you allready are a huge motivation.
    Congrats for your strenght! And your son can be really proud on his mommy!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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