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      Hey erm I’m really bad and I don’t normally use condoms..ok never use them with my long term boyfriend. We have sex quite a lot and I’ve had a scare before but i was only 4days late which was normal..I ended up being fine.

      I think I also had a misscarriage a couple of months ago as I had all the symptoms.

      Atm I’m nearly 9days late which is abnormal for me and iv worked out it is possible for me to be either nearly 3 or nearly 4 weeks gone. Iv got sore boobs, i’m peeing loads and I get funny twinges in my lower abdomen.

      Could I be ?? Any advice ??



        hey how u doin? um i think u wud be pregnant.if ur period is this late and u this is not normal for you i say go and get a home pregnancy test.im not being rude but of course u will get pregant not using protection.so yea defenitly get a test ok just to see and let me know, good luck…daniella xox


          Yes you could be pregnant….the only form of birth control that prevents pregnancy 100% is abstinence…..you should take a pregnancy test or even go to the doctors to get a blood test…..also if you beleived that you miss carried a few months back you should go to the doctor to make sure that you dont have any (forgive me for lack of a better word) leftovers inside of you….if you miss carry and it is not handled in the right way you could end up with an infection or worse…..please go to the doctor and get checked out and please consider abstinence…..think ahead a few years down the road…..if you end up with a baby before marriage the chances of the babys dad sticking around are slim and being able to financially provide for this child is slim also….you are a precious gem in the eyes of God and He would want you to be treated like one…..stop letting your boyfriend have sex with you untill he says I do….you are worth more than that…..I hope that you find answers soon and I will be praying for you……I was sexually active for 10 years and had two kids from two dads before I tried abstinence….I remained abstinent for 3 1/2 years until my wedding night….it was so worth it…I never had to think I was pregnant, and I never had to worry about STD’s or AIDS….I hope that you will make the same choice and that you will receive the same abundant blessings that come along with it……Love and Prayers…Meg


            go do a test and see, cuz if it’s not normal for u to this far late then u may be preg…

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