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    melanie horn

    So I just feel fat all the time now that I am starting to grow.I want to work out but I dont know what is good during a pregnancy and whats not. can anyone tell me what kind of work outs you have been doing? Does pilates work well?



    i bought a yoga for pregnancy dvd and it was GREAT……alot of places like the YMCA offer classes for pregnant women…..i also took a pregnant work out class taht was in the pool it was great as well!!! But my fav. was the yoga DVD bc i could do it at home on my own time! you should always talk to ur dr. before u decide to do any work out routine….but if you have a healthy pregnancy then its usually ok! i even went to Physical Therapy for my back while i was preggo! anywho…..try the yoga….its a huge stress reliever 🙂

    K B

    swimming is perfect for preg ppl 🙂

    Bailey Philpott

    My doctor told me that pilates was fine as long as your weren’t doing the sit-ups or anything to advanced,,and she said walking is really a good thing to do to

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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