When is your due date?

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      well apparently its the 14th of june 2010 but im sure ill get a million different dates lol


        mine is dec 24th.but i expect a week earlier.


          I have to wait till April 5,2010. That’s still far away. I’ll admit. i don’t mind some of the pregnancy stuff…like the nudges, but the nausea, god. 🙂 I’ll live.


            I’m due September 9th, 2010 🙂


              im due mid-Feb 2010.
              how sre things going for you?


                august 1st or 2nd 🙂


                  Hey chicas! I am due May 24th…exactly a month after my 19th birthday…I am 22 weeks n like four days along with a BOY! 🙂


                    im due april 30dth with a baby boy 🙂


                      Hey im due june 21 with my second


                        im due 9th april 2010! soon! getting pretty nervous for the birth! but excited as well! =D


                          Me and my husband are trying to have a baby. we are married for 3 months and i am 25. I am wondering why do i feel so different these days. I am thinking maybe i am pregnant but i have to wait more days to take my hcg. My menstruation was really so weird since i got married and had intercourse with my husband. April 16-25, 2011 was my last menstruation before my intercourse with him. I am regular. then by May i was late for 7 days but i bled May 23-June 1 ,2011. and now this is the confusing part, i bled again after 15 days! which is June 16 during intercourse with my husband. but it was slight. blood wasn’t that heavy. but after few days until it got slightly heavy and heavier! it lasted until June 27. after my bleeding when things went normal as of July 1 until now i am feeling very terrible! i feel dizzy, sleepy, nauseated , leg cramps specially the left side, feel something is tingling in my uterus, always hungry, mood swings,very horny, i feel full and feel like i am having b allotment. Please leave me an advice. how about my next bleeding when would it be again?



                            I am pregnant with my first.. My due date is around October 17th, 2011.


                              I’m 17, pregnant with my first, and we’re 34 weeks & a day, putting our due date at September 9th!! It’s been a long summer so far.. LOL. 😛

                              young but ready

                                im 18 with my first and i have a longggggggggggg way to go, my due date is jan 8th 2012 (:


                                  Pregnant with my first 3rd may 2012 🙂 its a little girl!!! 🙂 x


                                    mine was January 6.
                                    I delivered Thomas III 5 days late on Jan. 11.
                                    I’m 15 and he was my first.


                                      im also pregnant with my 3rd and i just found out, im due on september 15th 2012

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