when did you find out if your baby was a boy or gi

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      I’m just wondering, sometimes people are lucky and can find out the gender of their baby earlier than others, and i wanna know since im only 12 weeks whats the week they found out if they were havin a boy or girl just cuz im anxious. I want to find out at my next appointment, but ill only be 14 weeks then. My friend didnt find out till she was 16 weeks, which means hopefully ill find out before xmas!!!


        Usually at the normal checkup scan at 18-20wks


          usually between 16-20wks and depends on the positioning of the baby at the ultrasound…i was 20wks with my daughter and 25wks with my son when it was confirmed w the ultrasound but i already knew b4 that!! and it hasnt been confirmed w us yet but i’m 18wks w another boy


            i think it’s between 15 and 20 wks when the earliest time u can tell, and it all depends on if the baby will let u see..my baby was all for letting us see once and then he wouldnt open his legs again…but he was clearly a boy!..lol…


              At my ultrasound at 21 weeks. I definately wanted to find out, because I was going to him Alexander if it was a boy, and Elizabeth if it was a girl.
              I had a baby boy!!:D


                I was 19 weeks


                  hah im soooo anxious its like killin me to find out lol


                    My midwife doesnt do ultrasounds until 20 weeks. I guess this is the season to be pregnant bc i couldnt get an appt until I was 24 weeks (last week) and let me tell you It was killing me to know!!!!! I am having a boy… now I want him to hurry up and come out!!! :cheer:


                      Personally I found out with my daughter when she came out and the doctor said "Its a GIRL" I wanted to be surprised even though I KNEW in my heart that she was a girl…I already had her named and everything….with my son I wanted to find out even though I knew with him also, I found out at 19 1/2 weeks and I was right…with this one I told my husband it is up to him if he wants to find out the sex…I am kind of hoping that he will want to wait to hear …."It’s a…." although I am pretty sure this is a boy too….my daughter wants a sister….Love Meg


                        I found out at about 18 weeks with my first child, my son. About 22 weeks with my daughter. I found out because I had so little money with both the kids that I really needed the money I had BEFORE they were born to help me get things ready. Because I found out, I was able to find used furniture for my babyies rooms, and tell everyone what kind of clothes & things I needed. Both of the children had their own nursery, well until we moved when my daughter was about 9 months old and they had to share a room. I was able to do some simple gender specific decorations. Sometimes I wish I had left it a surprise. But I think in the end, in my financial position and the fact that I had some slight post partum depression after their births, it was better for me to find out when I did.

                        BTW CONGRATS MWEBER! I Luv YA!


                          I found out I was having a girl when i was 16 weeks and 6 days pregnant, but that was because I had a 3d-4d ultrasound for fun.



                            25 weeks for me and not even by a dr. mine was horrible and never gave me one so i paid for a 3d-4d ultrasound and video/ pictures. Its so cool, i definately suggest it if you have a little bit of money to spend. I had to switch to hear it from a dr at 33 weeks. If the baby is sitting right then you can find out starting at about 16 weeks! congrats- good luck!

                            Kailey, 18
                            Mommy to Faith, 14 months!

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