whats wrong with me?

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    hey girls, i really need some help. my husband is going to iraq in july (sad i know and YES IAM WORRIED in case anyone wanted to b dumb enough to ask) but i think maybe there is something psychologically wrong with me. i dont need any of u guys giving me a hard time about what iam about to say BCUZ OBVIOUSLY I KNOW ITS WRONG OR I WUDNT BE ASKING FOR ADVICE! okay well i had my little girl january 25th so she isnt even two months. i love being a mom soo much it really suits me and oh my god i miss being pregnant and feeling her move inside of me 🙁 and i feel like i want to get preggo again, iam on birth control and no iam not dumb enough to get off of it and get pregnant again so soon ,but can anyone help me and tell me why i feel this way? did any of u moms feel like this after having ur first born? do i need counseling or something? thanks guys for all ur advice i dont know why i want more kids so soon but im not dumb enough to let it happen cuz i know how hard it wuld be.


    Post Partum Depression. And yes I had it really bad after both of my kids. You can have it even when they are like a year and a half. Dont feel so alone. After your baby is born sometimes you can still feel them kick inside your tummy (I did) phantom kicks. I was a single mom after both children so it made post partum really hard for me because I had pitty parties too (LOL) But I cant imagine what you are going through to have a husband and not be able to have him with you. I would encourage you to cry when you need to (its ok to cry it gives you a release) and if it helps rub your belly like your still pregnant and reminice of when your little girl was in there. If you need to go to your doctor and tell him/her whats going on and they can sometimes help. I would really avoid medication!!!! Post partum is normal and natural. But not all medications help. Some make it worse. Every day that you are preg your hormones increase slowly. After birth they decrease 50% every day. That is why you feel so nutty. Please PRAY for your husband dont worry or you will make yourself worse and your baby will pick up on it. Everytime you are worried about him just pray and ask the Lord to encumpass him with His angels and to bring him home safely. I will be praying for your family and I hope I helped a little 🙂 God Bless…….Meg


    i had and sometimes still have those same feelings… you have to learn to cope with them.. atleast thats what ive done.. either that or decide with your partner that its time for your second child


    ok hun calm down nothing is wrong with you. i just had my son 3 weeks ago and i am going thru the same thing. I miss being pregnant so bad but know it is way too soon to do it again. I think you may have post partom depression, i am not saying this to make you mad or offend you but i have it and you sound like you feel the way i do. if you need to talk or just vent leave me message i am here for you!!
    :kiss: i hope you start feeling better if u need me you know how to get ahold of me


    I’m going to be the first so say ITS NOT POSTPARDUM DEPRESSION hun…its absolutly 100% normal….its a feeling of detachment w ur child…i have 2 as you know and i went through w it w both of them…the reason u feel as though u want to be preg again is bc after carrying that beautiful child in your womb for 9 mos feeling every movement every kick every hiccup now ur womb is empty and u physically have your child. its like u have lost a part of yourself and u want the wanderful movements ni your womb back…it will pass w time i promise you..:)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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