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    Hey my names tisha, im 18 and i just need advice on tellin my mum ( and then later family ) that im pregnate … i have to tell my mum at the worse time cuz im ment to be moving this saturday to bristol for college and i have everything ready for that … but im droping this bombshell which i know will cruse er cuz i know she was looking forward to me makin a new start and start fresh … also i have a doctor appointment and i know she would wanna come with me but the appointments today … my older sister knowz and she told me i have to tell her but she even told me shes disappointed which i hate!!!

    i know shes goin to be mad and shes probably goin to scream but i dunno what to say … is there an easy way to say it???

    thank you 🙂


    hey hun

    theres no easy way to tell your mom, the best thing to do is gather your strength tell her and get ready for the screaming, luckily my mom only yelled at me for an hour and then calm down. your mother will be angry for a while, but when she does see her grandchild for the first time she cant help but smile, it will be rough but everything will workout trust me:cheer:
    good luck
    and if you need to talk im always here


    Sammie is right. There will be screaming and hurtfull words tossed about. Reassure her that now, more than ever, you are positive that you want to succeed in life. Not just for you, but for this little being growing inside of you. That you plan on creating the best future for your little one and that you will be a great Mother to your baby as she was and still is to you. That she has been a great role model for you and a great peovider and you want nothing less than that for your child. I hope things go smoothly. Im here if you need to talk.


    Like sammie01 said, there is no absolute easy way to say it. Allow your mom to see that you thought everything through and that you’re going to make the best possible decision for you and your baby. A baby doesn’t destroy your future, in fact a baby brings more hope and dedication to a person. When your mom sees her grandchild, I bet she’ll be in love immediately. Good luck. 🙂


    HI hun. there is no easy way out of things like this, telling your mom is going to hurt her (yes thats a given)only because she wants whats best for you , but at the same time you have this innocent baby growing inside of you and the only way out is to build up the momentum and tell your mom. A baby is a blessing no matter the circumstances, trust me in the end shes going to fall inlove with the baby, she’ll fall inlove wiwh her own grandchild. Love you lots hun. Orchid.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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