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    hiya. i dunno if any1 will reply, but to be honest, its just a relief to get these things off of my chest. I know that everyone is going through pretty much the same thing on here – many in worse situations than mine – but i can’t help feeling so alone! everytime i try to tell my friends, family or even my bf about the baby, i just can’t do it, i’m scared of what they’ll think. the more i try n pretend this isnt happening to me, the more worried i get, and i know gettin all worked up isnt doing me or the lil one any good. to be honest, i just don’t know what to do.

    the women on both sides of my family have a history of infertility and ovarian cancer as well as other illnesses n diseases which have prevented them, or nearly prevented them, from having children. i really wana keep my baby but in the end, members of my family are always going to be saying that its harsh that my aunty n others have tried so hard to have children n now i’ve got by mistake what they would die for. I feel that if i have the child i’ll be disrespecting them in some ways. I don’t know what to do, i know that i can be a good mother but i don’t wana hurt my family. on the other hand, what if this turns out to be my only chance as well? please help, i really dont know what to do!

    jess x x x x x x x


    I think you should keep your child despite what others think.You wont be disrespecting anybody by keeping your child. Considering it could be your only chance that should give you a miracle reason to keep your baby. I have a daughter that will soon be 1 and another baby on the way.Cancer runs in my family and I’m scared of leaving my children behind if i get sick but that wouldnt change my mind to not keep them. so plz keep that precious baby and let him or her live and have a wanderful life. In the end everybody will support your decision!


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    Hey Jess,
    I don’t know if I can be of much help. But maybe your family members who wanted but couldn’t have children will be grateful that there is a child in the family for them to love and help care for. You shouldn’t feel like you’re disrespecting them. Even if some of your family may be upset, they will grow to love your baby like they love you. I’m sure they probably weren’t upset when your mother had you. And about telling you family, friends, and bf, that will be hard but it will work out in the end. They will get over their anger and want to be there for you. So just be brave as you can for yourself and your baby. Email me if u need somebody to talk to.


    thank you so much, i know you’re right but i’ve always had a habit of worrying about things that i dont really need to. right im guna tell my bf today, we’ve been throiugh a lot together n hes always said he’ll stand by me no matter waht, so i guess i should just get it over and done with lol. Thanks so much, its nce to have some advice from people that know what im going through.

    Thank you guys!!

    luv ya all,

    jess x x x


    Hello There!! You defenitely have to tell your parents. They will know what to do. Don’t be scared. Even though they will be mad at you, you have to tell them because it will get worse if you don’t tell them and they find out on their own. YOu don’t want that to happen. Then they will be very upset with you. Tell your parents and your boyfriend. They will know what to do!! Im here for u!!


    i dont really care if they’re angry, i just dont wana let them down. i know i can be really happy, i just need them to be supportive. you’re right though, i need to tell them asap. better tell my bf first…right im guna do it when i see him 2moro! thank you every1! this site has actually cahnged the way i think, and its made me realise that im not alone, as much as i may feel it!

    love you all!

    j x x x


    I know how you feel, When I found out that I was going to have a baby i tought my family was going to kill me seince I’m 16. (due to the fact everyone in my family are mormens,) But as it turned out my mom understood and she’s very surportive to me, weather or not i keep the baby or put it up for adoption, tell your parents, they’ll understand, even if it takes awhile for them to get used to the idea

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