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    Hi, I’m Erica I’m 16 years old and I think I may be preagnant. I have all of the symtoms that I’ve looked up. But, now I’m kinda worried. :unsure: ..why?…because the thing is that instead of not getting my period it came 4 days early which is very unusual for my cycle. And the bleeding is a dark red. Does this mean I may not be a mommy? Me and my boyfriend Kyle have been now ttc for a good almost year now and still nothing. I just feel so bad that if I’m not having to break it to him again and again I just know how much it hurts him and me. But, if you do know anythign about this please let me know. Thank you!
    take care….


    Well you are very young and you have a lot to look forword to. Try focusing on school and other activites. And waite on having a baby. Who will support you and a baby. Who will baby sit when you want to go out and do normal teenager things. Having a baby is not the only thing you can do with your body. So pray and waite. You might break up with your boyfriend and then have to raise your baby alone. That sucks

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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