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    im 15 and my bf’s 19 my mum thinks he’s 16 and his parents think im 17 i get along with his mum and brothers and my mum loves scott but i might be pregnant am going to take a test on sunday but my bf wats me to take it thursday so he can find out and be happy lol he really wants me 2 be pregnant we’ve only bin going out 2 weeks n 4 days but it seems like 4eva were really in love am worried bout telling are failles im pregnant and am worried cuz were going to have to tell them are real age i really don’t no how to tell my mum am worried its going to back fire i really need some advice


    I would come clean with both families….a relationship that is based on lies is one that will fall apart….your fears of this backfiring are most likely going to come to pass and if you are pregnant there is a chance that he will go to jail for statutory rape (depending on what state you live in and how your family takes this) your boyfriend is older and as the guy in the relationship it is his responsibility to keep things pure in your relationship….if he really loves you then he will come clean and ask forgiveness from your family and his and he will wait until you are old enough to get married and also wait utnil then to have sex with you….I dont have a problem with the age gap with the exception that you are still a minor and he should know better than to have sex with you…he is older and he is taking advantage of you…you are consenting but he should have more respect for your body and should have waited until you were old enough to marry him to get in bed with you…also he should have more respect for your parents..he is lying to them and they are going to be hurt….I hope that you will find out what is going on soon whether you are preg or not…but please stop sleeping with him…if you are not pregnant then you could end up that way if you keep having sex and if you love this guy then wait until you are old enough to get married so you dont send him to jail….also from an outside perspective if you have only been together for 2 1/2 weeks and he is putting hiself in a spot to go to jail by sleeping with you and he really wants you to be pregnant that should send red flags…this guy doesnt deserve you…please be careful…I will keep you and this situation in my prayers……Meg


    uumm…hun i hope u know the AGE of CONSENT for ur state..this means that is u parents DO have a problem with ur BF and u ARE preg then they can have him thrown in jail for statutory rape (this means that no matter if it was consentual sex he can get in trouble)…so i pray that either ur not preg or ur parents don’t have a problem with him….


    The first thing you need to do is find out if you are pregnant. Second you need to tell your parents his real age and his parents your real age.It would be better to do it as soon as possible because even if your parents wont let you see him at least they will have a little more trust in you because you told them.I think the best thing to do is tell them his age first and if you are pregnant.It seems like you know this relationship is wrong because of the need to lie. Have your parents said specifically they wont let you date him.I think if you present a good mature reason of why your relationship is okay and why they should let you date hm they might listen.You could even come up with an agreement with your parents of rules to date him like you cannot be alone in the house with him when your parents arent home or stuff like that.Also is it purely physical on his part try to find out how much he really means what he says. Good luck .

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