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    i hate my life at the moment…

    i hate my job…i have to wake up at 4am everyday, the people that work here are crazy, our schedule always gets messed up becasue this one girl can never work so the schedule is alays changed for her….i make good money but just cant stand it anymore!

    my boyfriends parents are the most horrible people on the face of this earth! all they do is yell at me and Taylor about how ashamed and embarassed they are and how we are white trash and that we are horrible parents. all they do is yell at taylor and tell him hes going to fail in everything and how he makes them look like white trash. but it makes me laugh because they say all the crap and then not even a minute later they are like oh let me hold the baby and then they get mad when i say no. shes my daughter and they need to learn how to respect me and Taylor as parents…

    and i love my boyfriend so soo much but we have been having major issues lately…we were engaged and we were gonna get married next september but i broke off the engagement last night because he has been talking to his ex girlfriend ALOT lately. it all started when she said that Hanna(my daughter) looked like a handicap so i flipped out on her so she went to taylor and said i was crazy and he got mad at her to but then she was saying that she missed him and then they started talking about how much they used to love eachother.
    heres a little bit of what he said to her:
    “and the only reason i made fun of you i guess was because i never got over you. and you didnt want me lol and when we were going out you would throw stuff at me haha
    ill never forget 8th grade it was the best time of my life.
    and life kinda sucks right now.
    btw when we went to the cornmaze i loved you so much but i had no balls i jus wish i did something to show you”

    thats like all there convo is about. “i miss you, i loved you so much, i wish things could have been different, i always think about what would have happened, etc…”

    im really scared now because if i was talking about stuff like that to one of my ex i would seriously consider getting back together with them… and hes all mad cuz i broke it off but im not just gonna sit back and let him say stuff like that to other girls…

    i just i dunno…im so upset…i just dont know what to do anymore…im so depressed…
    i just need someone to talk to or someone to tell me its going to be ok…i just dont know what to do anymore…


    Everything is going to be ok PROMISE. With or without your bf by your side everything will be ok. I agree with you he should not be talking to his ex like that what so ever. You should tell him how you feel and then if it continues you need to act on it right away. You are a strong girl stick in there and it will all work out. Worst case you are a single mom with a beautiful little girl. It has been done before and it’s not all that bad. Remember life is what you make of it and don’t let anyone bring you down. Best of luck. Jessica

    princess Angela

    You have proven your strong by breaking the engagment off you are showing him u wont stand for it… keep up the good word have a talk with him make him see what his doing and if he dont just leave u deserve better ima single mum u can do it to.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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