Update on the Baby!!!

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    I had my ultrasound today to recheck for the cyst on the baby’s brain and it is still there. We did however decide not to peek between the legs still, it is just too much of a rush to not know…LOL…we couldn’t bring ourselves to give in and look. A really funny thing happened though, last night I had this horrible pain as this limb/knob pushed its way around under my right ribcage area, I just figured that baby was kicking away and trying to get comfy, what the ultrasound revealed today is that the baby had actually made itself very uncomfy…when we first got a good look at the baby’s face and head we were taken back with oohs and ahhs and then I noticed something very strange, It looked like a foot over the top of its head….sure enough the baby had its right leg stretched over the top of its head and it was the strangest thing I had ever seen, It explained the confusion of a large bulge that I had assumed was a head with this constant kicking feeling in the same spot…also during the ultrasound the baby kicked itself in the head several times…LOL…it was just kind of funny to watch…I have another appointment in early May so I will talk with my doctor and see what he wants to do whether more testing to find out why the cyst is there or whether we are just going to wait and see when the baby is born, either way we are still just trusting that the Lord is using all of this for something and He is, we are learning more and more each day to walk by faith and not by sight…one good thing is this, in many baby’s with trisomy 18 the thigh bone tends to be smaller and not measure to date and our baby was measuring perfectly at 28 weeks with the exception of the thigh bones at 29 weeks, so we are having a tall baby with long thigh bones…just please continue to keep us all in prayer…Love Meg


    Thanks for the update Meg!


    Hey, Megan:

    Thanks for the update on your little doll baby. We will conitnue praying for your your little one, your husband and you. Thanks for being bold enough to walk through this thing and not bail. You already know how I feel about you. But, you are and still remain one of the most courageous young women on StandUpGirl.com.:) I will agree with you that God will get the glory out of this. I pray it is for you all as it was for the children of Israel when God told them, and I paraphrase, "…the enemy you see today, ye shall see them again no more, FOREVER…" That was just before He opened the Red Sea and provided the safe passage on DRY LAND. God will make a way when there seems to be none.

    Have a great day Megan. Tell your hubby hello! God Bless you.


    Congrats on getting your ultrasound done! Everything will be fine with your baby – just do as you said and trust in God that everything will turn out great in the end.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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