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    sophia roses mummy

    hi everyone! 🙂

    im gabby hunter i am 16 years old and i live in the UK (yorkshier)

    i am 2 and abit months pregnant and im so happy!

    i had loads of problems with my mum and dad and after staying at my boyfriends familys house for a week and abit to let things cool down becuase they wanted me 2 have a 2nd abortion 🙁 and it was just causing arguments and upset so i just had to get out of there way i could not face them and i just brkdown because after my aborting sash-lou 6 months pregnant at 15 years old 9 months ago on the 9th may after them forcing me to do that i couldt let them do it again to me and my baby again.
    but after 2months everything has calmed down and they have actually come round to the idia! 🙂
    and im so happy!

    me and my boyfriend are still together and we cant wait to be a mummy and daddy! 😀

    gabby xxxxxxxxxx


    i’m happy for you! good luck!


    This is so awesome Gabby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yr gonna be awesome parents 🙂


    Congratulations Gabby!
    I’m so pleased for you.

    Laura xo


    I am so glad that everything has calmed down for you! 🙂

    sophia roses mummy

    so am i 😀 thankyou guys xxxxxx

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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