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    I am 22 and 9 weeks pregnant. The father of my child has known for a while now and he is still unsupportive. He wants me to talk to him even if I complain, but only because he knows I have no one else to talk to. That is because he doesnt want anyone to know he is the father. It tears me appart. What do I do? I care about his feelings but in the end it is causing much unneeded stress



    It takes two people to create a baby. If the baby’s father didn’t want to take responsibility for his baby, then he should not have been having sex. I would continue to communicate with him. Perhaps he is still dealing with the situation and will come around. Have you told your family about the pregnancy yet? Do you have friends who will be there for you even if the baby’s father won’t be? If you want to tell people who is the father, then do. If he won’t support you you can still try to get child support from him for the child. Best wishes and good luck.



    Hi my name is Chelsea, i have heard so many stories from my friends about they baby daddy’s and i think that is BS! they dont have to carry the baby so of course nobody will know it is his unless you say so or get a paternity test. Dont let him be like that to you, you are at a very sesitive and emotional state in your life and you dont need that kind of stress and if you think its not stressful enough when the baby is in you, wait till it comes out and you wake up about every 3-4 hours. who will be there, you can do it by yourself… i know! You need to tell him to make up his mind, he created that baby with you, now he needs to act like a man, if right now he may not be able to give you money or whatever or be there for you, he needs to be there for his child. physically and emotionally. Speak your mind girl, dont let him play you for a fool… Chelsea

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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