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    hiya, so my friend just found out shes pregnant and asked me if i knew what the daners are with undercooked mince meat during really early pregnancy? she said it was the first time its happened and has read up that its bad for the baby but she didnt know if it would cause any danger eating it just once and i was wondering if you could help me as i dont know what to tell her, she doesnt want to phone the doctor up cos hes a family friend, shes really worried about it


    Well im a mommy, and during my pregnancy i never ate anything that even had the potential of being harmful. i was on the *paranoid* side. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell your friend to stay away from any raw or undercooked meat. Even if she does it once. It can contain bacteria, can cause worms, and even worse, cause brain developmental problems for the baby. The first trimester is a very critical stage in a pregnancy. SO i would inform your friend to stay away from any potential dangerous foods, substances and chemicals. Give that baby a chance!!



    the dangers of undercooked meat are the same anytime for anyone, u can get sick, but the best thing for her to do now is to not eat any meat that has any pink color to it…it’s just safer to her and the baby, but if she’s not sick then the baby should be fine…if she’s really worried she needs to ask a doc…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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