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      so here’s whats goin on… almost a month ago me and my boyfriend had sex. the condom tore, we hadnt realized it tore until he was taking it off, then i realized some got in me. i didnt know what to do so being as stupid as i am i left it not thinking anything of it, this was about two days after my period. my period is late today, i have a little bit of cramps. they feel like a pinching and twisting, i always feel sick, i get dizzy, ive had spotting about a week ago. my boobs feel sore, and i get cramps in my legs. i have no clue if im pregnant or not. anyone have any idea?


        hey there,
        A lot of those symptoms come from your period as is, but that’s also why a lot of girls don’t realize their pregnant right away because they believe just that. What I would do is go to the doctor and have them request a pregnancy test and to just call you when the results are in to come in a find out how it went that way you know and it all stays confidential. If you can’t wait and you really think so, then you should buy one of those pregnancy tests just to set your mind at ease while you wait the results. But you still should see the doctor just in case I think ^_^
        I don’t know if that helps at all I hope it does 🙂


          well the systoms you said are preg realted as wella s period but if a condom tore theres a very high chance you may be preg i wouldnt get all worked up but i would take a test n go to doc if you are over a week late good luck

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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