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    Okay so heres the thing, i think that i am pregnant again, last time i had an abortion because my doctor thought with my history of anemia and a prior pregnancy which they thought was going to end in miscarriage but instead ended in a premature birth that it was best to abort the pregnancy. During that pregnancy they found a hole in my uterus which has since healed and they’ve put me on vitamins and medications to ensure that i am fine, do i have the baby. My doctor thinks that my body may be strong enough to handle the pregnancy but there will definitely be complications, i know i can’t have another abortion and adoption i just can’t imagine but am i putting myself and possibly my baby at risk.


    Hello – may I share with you that there are excellent doctors out there that can monitor you through your entire pregnancy. I would venture to say that abortion would do further damage to your body, and to your heart. I would highly encourage you … let your baby live and let’s just pray you through this pregnancy. Do whatever your doctor says to keep this a safe pregnancy and just allow your pregnancy to take it’s full course. Truly the choice of allowing it to naturally take it’s course rather than deciding and wondering the rest of your life "What if I had choesn life?" won’t echo through your mind and your heart.

    I hope this helped you.
    Luv Lisa

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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