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    i got one of those cheap at home pregnancy tests today, its not the early detection kind that tells you five days before your missed period, but i took it anyways, it came out negative.i am supposed to get my period today, so did i take it too early to really tell? should i take the other one if i actually miss my period?? or should i just assume it is negative?

    sasha williams

    you might have took it to soon…….see if your period comes if not wait at least three days the longer you wait the higher the pregnancy hormone is and its easier to detect……..i waited five days but its all up to you…….

    becky robinson

    ya i did the same thing and am waiting to see if im pregnant which is really hard to do but just stay in there and if you need any advice just im me at doverallstargrl4

    Sarah Hoenig

    If it is not one os those kind of pregnancy tests, then it is obvious that something may have gone wrong…I would just try my best to be patient and wait to take another one. Good luck!!

    Brenda Simons

    wait till ur period is actaully late……then get another test…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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