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    I’m 17 and faced with the biggest decision of my life. My boyfriend and I found out I was pregnant only 3 days ago. He said he would support me no matter what decision we come to. But thats the thing – we can’t decide. Abortion seems so cruel and wrong, but we’re only young. However, a baby is the most precious thing in life. I have my mother’s full support however my boyfriends family doesn’t know anything about it yet because we can’t make up our minds. We don’t want to regret aborting our baby after or later in life, but is it the right thing to do? 🙁

    Help is much appreciated


    Hi Tracy, my name is Meg and I want to let you know that I am here for you…I know this may not be the most “ideal” time but I think you already know what I am going to tell you, this is your child, your flesh and blood, you have your moms support and your boyfriend said he would be there too, even if they were not it is still more than possible to take care of this child alone, be glad you wont have to….I know that you are already falling in love with this child, don’t go through with the abortion, it is just not worth it, you will not only take the life of your own flesh and blood but you will deprive yourself of the joy of being this baby’s mommy!! No matter what you are already a mommy though, why not experience the blessings that come along with the role, don’t take this life into your own hands, leave this life in your womb where he/she has been perfectly and safely placed….in your care, with your love to protect….I am here if you need to talk but please do not make a decision on fear or what if’s, you can do this…Stand Up and love your self, do this by loving your child and doing what you know is right…Love Meg



    There is nothing more important than that baby. YOUR baby!!! Not your boyfriends parents baby, YOURS!! You already have the instincts to protect this life…’ve said exactly what I would say to you. You are young, yes, but there are some girls who are younger than you who have been courageous enough to say “NO” to pressure from the world to abort their baby. They are now proud mothers who do not regret giving their baby life. On the other hand, there are many who are living with regret because of their decision to kill their baby…..all to satisfy their boyfriend, his parents, or even their own parents. Some have aborted because they were never told they have other choices. They were shamed into having the abortion because of their young age. Sometimes mistakes happen when your young, but this should be met with love and support. Your baby shouldn’t have to die because of you and your boyfriends choices. Embrace this life and have courage that you are not alone and can do this!!

    There are many here who have lived what you are now faced with. Don’t be sad and worry….God will show you how he will take care of you, if you only accept his gift to you. Please remember to thank your mother for supporting you and giving you love in this situation. You are very fortunate.

    My prayers are with you,


    Thanks for all the advice. I now know that I have support from both of our families however one line that is throwing me off is ”I just don’t want you to throw your life away and lose out on so much.”
    I really dont know whether this is true or not because I know many mothers go on to live their life happily, have a good job and support their child at the same time. Both me and my boyfriend feel selfish for even thinking about what would happen to our lives and ”freedom”. I know how hard it is to look after children as I wanted to become a nursery nurse and I also have 2 nephews. I am very good with children but what if I just couldn’t handle my own?
    My boyfriend sees this also as an opportunity to take control of our lives and step up to the mark. But is he ready to give up his life too?

    (Please don’t think we are heartless or selfish, we are just trying to look at every aspect of this situation)

    🙁 :blush:


    I do not think you are heartless or selfish, you are in an unexpected situation and when the world tells us that we have the option to “make it all go away” it can be very tempting to give in and get the abortion…I almost did…the fact that you are aware of how much it takes to raise a child shows your maturity level, some people purposely get pregnant and then think that they are going to have this cute little doll to dress up, they are the ones who have a rude awakening after nine months, you have all this time to prepare, you have two supportive sets of grandparents, my husband and I have a date night once a week and we don’t have ANY family in the area, yet we still have sitters, we have 4 kids and pay child support for one of them yet we find the resources to go on our date nights…you are talking about one child and two sets of grandparents, you will have plenty of time together, if you ever want to leave your baby, they can be hard to set down..LOL…You may miss out on certain things with a child, that is a fact but is a child worth a couple of hours on a Friday night? Is another human life worth having to buy generic brand food to cut financial corners? We are not talking about whether or not to try for a baby, adopting a child, or choosing to bring an animal home from the pound, this is about a human child who was made inside of your body, who is already in existence, who cannot live without your body for the next nine months, this is not a possibility, this is real, this child’s heart is beating in your womb at this very split moment of time, You are the only one who can make the final call on this LIFE, you will be the one to deal with the consequences of abortion if you go that route, your boyfriend will not be the one to feel the physical pain, your boyfriend will not be the one who could potentially bleed to death, those who tell you that you can wait till you are done with college and enjoy your free time will not be the ones to hear the cry of a baby who never had a chance haunt their ears, they will not be the ones who have to wince at the site of a pregnant woman…If this child is a boy is it really your body? you do not have 4 arms, 4 legs and a penis do you? But if this child is a boy then you have 2 extra arms 2 extra legs and a penis inside of you…sounds funny I know, just making a point, if this is a girl where are her rights to her body? See no matter how you break it down the arguments behind abortion are not true, I personally think you should keep your baby, I don’t think you will have any regrets, rather I think you will smile and fin d new meaning in life and you will do just fine, you will still have time to be you, not just mommy but yet you will not have the empty regret of abortion weighing your mind down when you are out an about having fun…please think about it longer, ignore those who tell you that it can all go away, let your family enjoy their grandchild, niece/nephew, cousin… Let your child have the chance to see the sunrise, eat ice cream, pet a kitten, laugh, smile, take his/her first steps, roll over, splash in the bathtub…Love Meg


    Hey there, 2 years ago when i was 16 i had an abortion because i was forced into it, but it has been the bigest regret of my life since, now 2 years on im pregnant and in the most horrible situation one side of my family now hate me, the father hates me and is making life very difficult, but i think u should seriously think about it, u will always wonder what will of been. i can’t wait to be a mum and get the chances that were taken away from me before. x

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