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    ava cameron

    ok so I am approx.7 days away from the beginning of my period. or so I should be….im almost 100% sure im pregnant…really sore nipples weird sharp pains….super irritable and tired….so today i took a test and it said negative!!! im pretty surprised…i thought for sure…anyhow has anyone ever had this happen to them and then taken another test 7 days later and it said positive??? just wondering……thank you!!! it means alot!!! also if anyone had the same symptoms as me post that too!!!!!


    i to think i am pregnant, i have felt this way since i figured out we had unprotected sex on and around the day i ovulated. though he pulled out there is still a chance i am. my period was suppose to come today and it did not. i have taken a total of five preg test all neg over the past two weeks or so. i have not taken one since last thursday. remember that if you take one the day of your missed period its is still probally only 80% accurate, early detection tests are a joke. i reccomend waitng at least till the day you miss it. i know its hard as hell but if you dont your just wasting you money, with 5 neg and i still think i am trust me i know. write back would love to chat


    u can wait another week or you can get a bloodtest i guess.. thats if you dnt wanna play the waiting game which sucks… but i have deifnately fet the same as you..thought i was definately pregnant did a test and was neg and still thinking yeah its wrong..


    pregnancy tests usually don’t work until about 5 days before your expected period, even tests that promise to give you correct results a week beforehand. First morning urine always works best, but as long as you’re testing within 2ish days of your period, you should be able to get dependable results at any time of the day. Every woman is different however, and some people’s HcG hormone levels (which is the hormone that the body only has when you are pregnant, and the hormone that pregnancy tests detect to determine if you’re pregnant) won’t rise enough to produce a positive test until you are a week late! It just depends on the person, but in your case my guess is you’ve tested way too early. My advice would be to wait until you’ve missed your period, then test again. Good luck!


    I was 5 weeks along with my first when a blood test showed negative, two weeks later a urine test showed positive and I was sent to the radiologist to find out I was 7 weeks along, I did not register on a blood test because my daughter was caught in my tube, miraculously she moved and replanted, it was very painful…with my second I was about two weeks late when I got a positive test and then this time around I was 12 days late with a positive test, this time the baby was stuck between my tube and my uterus and had it stayed there it could have killed me, thankfully it moved just like my daughter did and I am now going on 17 weeks….I used my first mornings urine every time I tested, I am one of those people who’s hormone level doesn’t rise quickly, every woman and every pregnancy is different, only time will tell but here is a number to call, Option line 1-800-395-HELP, call and they can give you the number and location of the closest womens pregnancy center to you and you can get a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL test, just hang in there and let us all know…Meg

    ava cameron

    i was just checking some stats online and thought hey! this would be the perfect place to verify some info! lol how many girls here have gotten pregnant off the "pull out method"????
    chances are pretty good…so says the stats on the internet and i was just wondering who here had that happen to them! thanks ladies!!!
    oh you can count me in for ONE!


    Hi! Yes, I would be one of those who took a test early, had negative, then it was positive a few days later. I would not test until after about 2 weeks from when you think you might have conceived. Then, test once every other morning, first off in the morning. I’ve thought I was pregnant just as sure as I could be, but on the morning when I was ready to test, my pd. came, so I didn’t have to test. Just wait and see. Let us know what happens! Thanks for your story!!


    Its been 3mths since original post.
    did you find out if your were pregnant?


    Tests can be wrong. You can always be that 1 % that the test doesn’t work. did u find out if u were pregy?

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