"the show"..what was urs like?

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    so i’m getting close to my due date..it’s only 9 days away and i’ve been getting more regular contractions BUT i was wondering what it was like for those of u who have had ur baby already when u lost ur mucus plug?…just wondering..any answers would be nice…thanx…


    Well i started loosing my mucus plug like almost a week before i had my daughter….and i was also getting contractions…but losing your mucus plug doesnt mean you’re having the baby really soon!..well it can take a while…i started to loose mines a week before i had my daughter…if youre thinking if it hurts or anything like that..lol..it doesnt..is juss nasty buggy lookin stuff!


    EEEEWWWWW YUCKY!!!! it was like slug slime…..have you lost your plug yet??? I never did with my daughter (well before I went to the hospital) but with my son I lost it a month before I had him…well I sure am excited to see pics of the little guy when he gets out of your belly 🙂 I am so happy for you and your husband…..let us all know when you go into labor or once you have had him…..Meg


    The mucus plug honestly looks like a booger. It’s pretty discusting. It can be tinged red or pink.

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