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    Okay so I need some help on this one, or opinions/remarks.
    Me and my boyfriend got together, which wasn’t planned, so no protection. I also found out the next day the my shot had worn off basically at the beginning of last month,
    Right after we had the sex I went to the bathroom to clean up and I was beginning to get my period, [the light spotting] That night I bled a little but then I didn’t any more, and I missed my last period, and the symptoms are getting worse. My doctor said some people can get pregnant right after the shots effect wears off or something, I don’t know… I’m to confused,
    I have the morning sickness,
    sensitive to smell,
    sooo tired,
    peeing all the time,
    and being really grouchy towards the poor boy. ):

    and there’s been more signs showing slowly…. like my ankles are hurting and they’re starting to swell, ):


    Go and get a test girl :] it will clear up any confusion. You can get reliable tests and the dollar store ;] thats where I get mine


    Taking a test does sound like a good idea. I’ve gotten one from the dollar store too, they work as well as the others do. I’m in the same position you are and have to take a test too. I hope everything works out. 🙂


    Ya I need t get one at the end of this month too.
    I’m sure its negative but im interested to find out.
    Make sure you get ur shot on time!


    Do you have a First Way or a Birthright center near you because if you do you can get a free test there and other forms of help also. You should call them and ask for an apointment these centers are great for help if possibly pregnant.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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