The Difference In Development in Children

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    My Babies 1st & What age!!
    Slept Through The Night- 1mos
    Held Bottle- 4mos
    Rolled Over- 5mos
    Sat Up Alone- 5mos
    Crawled- 7 ½ mos
    First Step- 8 ½ mos
    First Word- 5mos(dada)
    Laughed- 3mos
    Stood Up- 6mos

    Slept Through The Night- 2 ½ mos
    Held Bottle- 3mos
    Rolled Over- 3mos
    Sat Up Alone- 5mos
    Crawled- 6 ½ mos
    First Step- 11mos
    First Word- 6mos(dada)
    Laughed- 2mos
    Stood Up- 7 mos


    It is always nice to have a guideline but not all babies are the same…my son didn’t take steps for me until he was 17 months old and my daughter when she was 13 months, so anyone who’s children do not fall in to the "typical" category….don’t worry too much, they all learn at different ages, Meg


    Its really interesting to see the difference between your two little ones, and how one did some thing earlier, and the others later. It gives a nice message that a baby can crawl early and walk late, or skip crawling all together :p

    Hope some more people will post up bout their kids…


    my baby — slept through the night — nearly 2 years (yay lol)
    held bottle — 1 year, when he started having cow’s milk
    rolled over — 3mos
    sat up alone — 6 mos
    crawled — 5 months!!!
    first step (as in started walking) — 9 months
    running — 10 months AAAAAAAAA!!!!!! lol
    first word — 6 months, mama
    laughed — I think it was 6 wks.?
    stood up — hmmmm……5 months I think, maybe even 4….

    He’s 2 but as tall as a 3yo !!! (touch wood)


    My Babies 1st & What age!!
    SKYE- 6th Feb 2005
    Slept Through The Night- 2mths
    Held Bottle- 4mths
    Rolled Over- about 3 mths
    Sat Up Alone- She wat late about 7/8mths
    Crawled- cnt remember im thinking about 7/8mths
    First Step- walking around furniture at 8mths
    First Word- 7mths dada then didnt speak again for ages
    Laughed- about the 5/6wk
    Stood Up- around furniture 8mths unattended nearly 12mths

    JORDAN-7th May 2007
    Slept Through The Night- 3mths
    Held Bottle- 4mths
    Rolled Over- 3mths
    Sat Up Alone- Still cant but nearly
    Crawled- Nearly getting there another few wks he will be so 6mths
    First Step- n/a
    First Word- n/a
    Laughed- about 6wks
    Stood Up- n/a


    david-5months 10days
    slept through the night-3 or 4months
    held bottle- 4 months
    rolled over- 4months(both ways)
    sat up alone- 4 1/2 5months, but he gets excited and topples over
    trying to crawl now at 5months, but cant get it just yet
    not walking yet, or talking
    laugh- 4months
    standing with help since 2 or 3months


    i didnt think this would get as much attention as it has but its nice to see the differences in our kids development…kinda cool thing!!!

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