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    im 17 weeks pregnant- last week friday i had brown spotting
    and went to my doctor first thing.
    he did a ultrasound and saw a tear in the placenta. he said though
    the baby is doing fine and seems very active!
    he never seemed to concerned and booked me off work for a week
    to rest.
    he also perscribed Utrogestan and a anti biotic- zinnat
    to repair the tear. ( he said it will heal on its own)
    the spotting did already stop on the saturday!i have
    just been experiencing cramping from time to time
    have any of you experiencied this? did everything turn
    out ok- im really worried!:dry:


    I would say that as long as it’s not a very large tear that your doctor is right… don’t work for a little while and you should be doing alright.
    If you start bleeding again then you need to go to the doctor, but I wouldn’t worry about light cramping. (But if you are really worried, then it is always worth going to another doctor and getting a second opinion!) Let us know how it all works out, ok?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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