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    melanie horn

    can i tan as long as i wrap my tummy wit a towel?

    Meagan Weber

    Are you talking about natural tanning in the sunshine or tanning in a booth???? I have heard that tanning booths are bad for you when you are preg and even if you tan in the sunshine some women get blotchy spots all over because of the hormone change that occurs with pregnany. Try to take the best care of your body and your skin right now. If you get cuts and scrapes while pregnant it will turn to a scar easier because your baby is sucking all the nutrients from your body. I think the same thing about tanning. If you get all blotchy while you are pregnant your skin may not get back to normal afterwards……Hope that helped…Meg



    you can go outside and tan! but not a tanning booth! some ppl say u can go in there and sit in the chair and cover ur tummy! but in my opinion its just better and healthier to go OUTSIDE and tan! that is perfectly fine!

    Jenna Cadden

    Hiya. I remeber when i joined a tanning shop, they asked me if i was pregnant as i don’t think they allow you to use it as often or at all. I would just double check with them before you go, if your on about a booth. Jen x

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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