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    Meagan Weber

    Hey ladies…I tried to leave a note on the Standupgirl Myspace but the USER who created the account kicked me off of the friends list and deleted the comment I left, I figured maybe I should just leave the note on here instead….why would I get kicked off??? Well I just tried to politely make sure that all of you ladies knew that was not the one responsible for making the myspace account…..I didn’t complain and I was actually enjoying finding you ladies and trying to add you to my myspace…all I was doing was making a statement that any views, opinions, and or advice that flowed from the site was not directly affiliated with…is there anything wrong with that??? I think a more appropriate way to approach this would have been to advertise the myspace account as a place for those in the standupgirl community who want to join in, not to advertise it as "THE STAND UP GIRL MYSPACE" and use the graphics from the site….it is just as bad as using someone else’s sonogram photos if you ask me….I am leaving this note as my own personal opinion, not as a reflection of the website in whole….I hope you all have a great day…Love Meg

    Meagan Weber

    Well just an update…I was added back on to the friends list..thanks a bunch…I still Stand Firm in the fact that the name of the myspace needs to be changed and that copying the images needs to be made right…Lots of Love..Meg

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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