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      :S Hi thank u for reading…i am going on 7 weeks preggo now, got an ultrasound 6 1/2 weeks, (6.5 weeks gestation, or 4.5 weeks from conception) saw baby’s heartbeat and everything seems okay, except the baby’s heartbeat is slow—105 bpm. Now, I am experiencing brownish discharge and some yellow discharge…odorless (sry if that was too detailed) Is something wrong with me? i have no pain, pregnancy symptoms are the same…HELP!!!!!!!!!!! I just had an abortion 6/7 months ago am i going to seriously miscarry this baby???????????????????? please respond,don’t just click out and ignore thank you!!!


        The best thing to do is to have yourself checked immediately. The same thing happened to my wife during her first pregnancy and the baby inside her then is now twelve going on thirteen. Be carefule and get a check-up but there really might not be anything to worry about.



          You should go to the emergency room to make sure nothing is wrong, Sometimes you spot when you`re pregnant . So you can be just spotting right now. As long as you arent having any cramps like you`re period or your back isnt hurting then you are perfectly fine. Just dont stress over it too much & everything will be okay. I’m here if you need to talk. I`ve had a miscarriage before so I know ALL about that type of stuff & LOTS more because I feel as if I`ve been to hell & back. So if you ever need to talk…I’m here.

          Congrats on ur pregnancy though.:woohoo:


            Different coluor discharge is very reglaur when you are pregnant not some thing to worry about if you don’t have any pain. But if you think their is something wrong see a doctor don’t take a chance. Try calling telehealth 1-866-797-0000 they are really heplful… good luck!!!!!!!!


              thanks….i’ve been ‘spotting’ lightly now for like 3 days…very lightly, like literally spots the size of a pea or smaller, but it still concerns me…i had some cramping last night for several hours…was pregnant before and the cramps feel the same as i has last pregnancy…stretching like cramps…a little like period, uncomfortable, but scary cuz you said if i don’t have cramps i’d be fine, well now i do!!


                I agree with every1, jus go and get checked up huni. . .U never no there might be nothin wrong. . it will jus put ur mind 2 rest. . I had a brownish discharge wen i was round 5 weeks the midwife jus sez it was dirrty blood an its noth to worrie about. . so hey u might b ok. . bu 2 stop urself stressin go 2 the docs. . luff luff xx


                  the best advice i can give is go and see a doctor as soon as possible!


                    ok, everythings ok i went to emergency room just like u guys said and baby’s fine..lower heartbeat, but growing and fine and uterus is closed, i am still spotting but i’ll be okay


                      I WENT TO DOVER HOSPITAL AND THEY TOLD ME I HAVE A 50 PERCENT CHANCE OF MISCARRYING BECAUSE MY BABY IS MEASURING TOO SMALL AND MY HCG WAS TOO LOW…..I have nervous problems, anxiety really bad and panic attacks and i was shaking for days, i have heart palpitations and i was uncontrolably shaking for hours and twitching. Then this fat nurse comes in and says rudely " ur too young to have a kid anyway this miscarriage is a blessing" or something to that extent and i was soo offended. then she continues to tell me i am ‘Defintely havinga miscarriage’ and i start crying and sobbing, just my heart sank and im shaking (ofcourse i drove all the way down there by myself and this is the second time i’ve been to the emergency room in two days all by myself.)..i was just so hurt. convinced of an impending miscarriage i was told to lay down with feet elevated and not move for several days so that’s what i’ve been doing…to the point where i have such bad headaches cuz i just lay there and don’t move and have such bad stress and anxiety wondering when the pain of losing my baby is going to start. And just then i believe in God, b/c i went back to the hostpital the next day ,this time the one in hackettstown, where i live and they checked me out, i’m in the ER for three hours before i hear about the results and guess what….they said EVERYTHING IS FINE, i’m just spotting. Even though i soak through a panyliner in a few hours, i’m bleeding old blood and my hcg is normal and increasing, just like a normal pregnancy and my uterues and cervix are closed… i started gettin teary eyed on the way home and kept repeating "thank you jesus, thank you lord" i am startin to have a little faith now…thank you GOD!!!!!!! I HAVE NEVER APPRECIATED A PREGNANCY THIS MUCH AND I AM REALLY GRATEFUL FOR THIS PRECIOUS, BEAUTIFUL ANGEL IN MY TUMMY!!!! <3


                        OHHH hunny, you should be fine, as long as thier is no blood, or cramps. The brownish discharge is normal. And as you get to like 3 months or so you will experience more discharge alot more, but it will be like white or something like that. I have the same worries as you, but i am just trying to relax, just like you should, But good luck with the baby.


                          well i miscarried and nobody seems to care, i saw my baby and held it and just cried for hours


                            oh huni i’m so sry..i hope everything is going to be ok…just remember everything happens for a reason. maybe this was a sign that its just to soon for u to be having a baby. I wish u the best of luck!:(


                              well honey me and u r in the same boat but i really don’t know if i’m preg. but i was gone go to the doctor bout dat too …brownish blod spotting. but i have no smell well if i find out what’s the out come i’ll let u know.!!;)


                                well honey me and u r in the same boat but i really don’t know if i’m preg. but i was gone go to the doctor bout dat too …brownish blod spotting. but i have no smell well if i find out what’s the out come i’ll let u know.!!;)


                                  The yellow discharge your getting may well be an infection..go to the doctors and tell them about it…they’ll probably test your urine to see if you have an infection.They’ll treat you and you will be back to normal within 2 weeks.the blood…well,my boyfriends mum was bleeding throughout her pregnancy when she was having him…have you knocked yourself at all?
                                  Because the bleeding could be your placenta when its been nudged but it depends how far you are…that happened to me but it was around 12-13 weeks.
                                  hope this helps…


                                    you need to see your doc asap. i ahd a miscarry n didnt ahve any syptoms jusat there was no heart beat at 15 weeks. get checked everything mybe ok but its better to be safe i hope it all works out for you keep me posted.,mommy6


                                      go see ur doc..don’t take up ne more time online asking what we think cuz something could be wrong or there could be nothing wrong…just go make sure!


                                        I’m so sorry about your miscarrige. That is ridiculous how one hospital would say you’re fine and the other would say you were miscarrying, how unfair to not do more conclusive tests to find the underlying problem. How are you doing now hun?
                                        Need to talk anytime I’m here for you,

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