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    [color=#800080]Hi my name is Jennifer im 16 and i am 9 weeks pregnant! Da PRobLEm wit dis is i dont know if i should keep da baby! da daddy is 20 years old so if i have da baby and make him pay child support he will probley go to jail for satuary rape..and my family dosent like da daddy cuz he so much older! i kno its my choice what im gunna do and i kno no one can tell me what 2 do but im jus so confused i really want 2 keep da baby but im only 16 and n 10th grade! da only 2 options i have are keeping da baby or puttin it up for adoption i dont think i could give my baby up tho it would kill me…but i jus wanted sum advice if any one wants 2 give any!

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    Honestly, you’d ba amazed how much maternal instinct you’ll have, even before the baby is born. Everything in your body will force you to take care of all of your babies needs, but if you honestly think that you can’t do it, be brave, and think of your baby, not yourself, and you will find the courage to do whatever is best for the baby. Adoption can be the hardest decision that you make, but there are open adoptions, where you get to visit your child, and go to birthday parties, and your child knows you, and who you are, while someone else gives them the life that you so desperatly want to give them. I hope that this helps, I know it is a hard decision, but only do what you feel deep in your heart to be right for you and your baby.

    Good luck,
    Michelle J.


    Im kinda in the same boat as you… i started seein a guy from my work on a regular basis… at his apartment. I jus turned 17 n hes 22.. so yea, feel ya on that one… n my family doesnt like him either… im a couple weeks pregnant.. n im sacred that when i tell them my situation.. they will wanna have him arrested.. but he, like me, have alot to love for… n he also has a 5 year old… so no one wins if he goes to jail.. i would like to hear ur thoughts n feelings.. cuz no one I kno is in any kinda similar situation…


    I do not know you but i do know that i am 6 months and i am 17 and my baby’s daddy left me when i told him and we had been together for 2 years and he still left me but i didn’t think one time about killing my baby you just dont know how happy i was when i first felt my baby kick i know that the baby’s daddy will come around but dont kill your baby just because you are 16 it will all be alright i was 16 when i first got pregnant and i didn’t have a baby’s daddy around to talk to and everything else but like you said no one can tell you what to do but you. but just think about that presous thing inside you that is a part of you and you want to get rid of it come on now you can keep that baby.

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