Should I Take A Test?

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    If you read this please actually reply to it!

    well i started a thread about ‘spotting’ a week ago..

    well i had sex two weeks ago and was due on friday, as normal i came on but it was lighter then normal… before that i had some pregnancy symptoms like sore boobs, and i thought it was too early to have them

    but in my last pregnancy i was on my period and pregnant

    i dont know wether to take another pregnancy test to confirm if im pregnant or not or if it would just be a waste of time ? and if it would be okay to take the test now.


    First off, taking a pregnancy test is NEVER a waste of time. If you think you are pregnant for any reason, find out for sure!! It sounds to me from your symptoms that you could be, and you couldn’t be. So in other words it’s pretty much impossible to tell until you get it checked out for sure. Go to your doctors office and get him to do it (it’ll cost you nothing and will be more accurate) That way you can know for sure. And if it turns out you’re not pregnant you can talk to him (or her) about the symptoms you are having and your cause for concern.
    Hope everything works out well to your liking!
    Take care,


    talk to your doctor and take a test. and it will help you be able to know and start to plan what you are going to do. because if you are you will need to know soon that way tou can take care of your self better. and if you arent then you can see what you can do about the random spotting… so go to the doctor… that is the best and only advice i have to give…
    i hope that helps..


    sure take the test… i mean why not?? it will settle ur thoughts


    I would definitely take a test if I were you. I took a preg test 7 days before my missed period and it turned out positive. If you take one and it shows up negative, I would wait a week or sooner and test again. Or you can always go to the doctors and get a blood test because blood test can tell if your pregnant a week after you conceived. I hope all goes well. Take care.



    thanks for everybodys response 🙂 means alot im going to take a pregnancy test as soon as ive got one, in the next few days hopefully!!

    i will keep you updated

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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