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    I was expecting my period last weekend- friday or saturday, its not usually reliable- and I had every reason to know it was coming; cramps, sore boobies, crabby, the usual. But it never came. Sometimes it doesnt come but all the symptoms and no period was pretty weird. I took a test today, fully expecting one line. Its always been just one line. But before I even got the chance to get my butt up off the toilet seat two lines were staring back at me- no, more like jumping off the sink straight into my throat. Knocked me right over, and my boyfriend wouldnt be home from work for hours. I’m suprised I didn’t wear a path right through the hardwood floors with all my pacing. But even though the whole truth of this hasnt sunk in we are pretty excited-terrified, but excited. We always new we would have a family, but the plan was a little further in the future. Guess its time for a new plan, hey?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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