she is here!! xD

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    sophia roses mummy

    i have had my baby girl! on the 26th november she is beautiful! omg it was the most painful and amazing exsp! we are all doing very well!!! we have changed her name to sophia grace clarke
    comment on my page and i will get back to u asap!


    Hi Gabs… yr little angel is so beautiful. Congrats!

    sophia roses mummy

    she is one i cannot believe it! this year has gone so fast! 🙂 but i love my little family so much they are my world! 🙂 xxx


    Beautiful beautiful name, little girl’s are just great!
    Our daughters must be around the same age judging by your post, my Isabelle is 13 months…


    sophia roses mummy

    Sophia is nearly 13months too 🙂 the year went so fast! i know they are just the best 🙂 i love my little princes so much! 🙂 your little girl is adorable too! xxx


    Yes it goes so fast, but love seeing her grow up!
    Thankyou – she’s developing a great little tantrum already though…I think the “terrible two’s” have arrived way too early.
    How is your little one doing, is she walking/standing on her own yet?x

    sophia roses mummy

    hello 🙂
    sophia is doing great! 🙂
    she started pulling herself up at 11months and started walking all by her self at 12months and now i need eyes in the back of my head to watch her! haha how are you? xx

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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